Ireland is undergoing a strong economical change. Ireland's strongest trading partner is the United Kingdom. Important industries such as the computer industry have found their home there. We handle exports to Ireland in a regular and reliable way from our branch in Neuss with direct express transports within 48 hours, as well as from our branch in Schwaig with a combination of our existing transports to Great Britain.

Just-in-time is a self-evident customer service for us. Of course imports from Ireland are also in good hands with us.

departures groupage: Neuss: daily
Schwaig: tue + fri
  part / full load: daily
transit groupage: Neuss: 2-3 days
Schwaig: 4 - 5 days
  part / full load: Neuss: 2 days
Schwaig: 2 - 4 days
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