Capacity constraints for oceanfreight

Solutions in the current tense situation

Our oceanfreight experts keep an eye on the current market situation and further developments. In addition to a permanent exchange with associations and all those involved in the sea freight transport chain, we have held intensive discussions with representatives of various shipping companies over the past few days.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects sea freight, among other things with bottlenecks in the area of ​​empty containers, limited booking options and so-called "blank sailings". In addition, these challenges are reinforced by the peak season and the final spurt up to the Chinese New Year.

In order to master this situation, we have formed a task force that provides information on alternatives, additional options and the corresponding status. We would be happy to assist you in developing possible premium services in the Ocean Direct Service, various fixed pre-booking models and corresponding alternative options in the areas of rail and combined sea/air shipments. Our team of specialists is available to you for this in close cooperation with carriers and service providers.

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