Increased liability in air transport

The ICAO, responsible for international civil aviation, has indicated in the context of the regular review of the limits of liability laid down in the Montreal Convention (MCA), that an adjustment of liability will be made to take account of inflation. In the meantime, all conditions for the entry into force have been fulfilled. Thus, with effect from
28 December 2019 increases the carrier's maximum liability for destruction, loss, damage or delay from so far 19 to 22 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per kg. Currently 1 SDR is the equivalent of EUR 1.24 and fluctuated between EUR 1.21 and EUR 1.25 for the past year.

The IATA, as the international umbrella organisation of airlines, has already amended the corresponding liability notice. The maximum liabilities for bodily injury (new: 128,821 SDRs), damage caused by delay in passenger transport (new: 5,346 SDRs) and damage to baggage (new: 1,288 SDRs) have also been adjusted.

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