Customs know-how inclusive.

The Netherlands as logistics gateway to Europe can rely on a very attractive customs climate.

The Dutch Customs Authorities are highly flexible in the interpretation and implementation of tax provisions. Their approach can be described as pragmatic, they are willing to discuss “live cases” at a preliminary stage and have a great deal of experience with logistical processes.

In contrast to most other EU member states, Dutch Customs provide in a deferment system that prevents actual payment of import-VAT at the time of import.

The VAT obligation can be deferred to the periodic VAT declaration in which the same VAT can be deducted, this will improve your cashflow considerably.

That's something you can rely on

With our local ITG customs know how and strong relation with Customs authority we can really deliver an efficient and flexible service for all your customs challenges, as customs is not easy!

Being a worldwide acting forwarder and logistics service-provider for almost 30 years, we have the experience and know-how to guide you through the complicated world of Customs regulations.

You can rely on our ITG:

  • Own trained staff
  • Proven compliance with customs regulations
  • AEO certification with AEO-F (Full) status
  • Internal quality control monitored by Customs
  • Confidential use of your entrusted data

We have the full potential to fulfill your need for Customs formalities in every corner of the country, so you can rely on us. Feel free to contact us directly!